Let us not reiterate the fact that India gave rise to so many unicorns in 2020-21, we have had it enough on the news. But how many of us actually understand the intricacies of this space?

Why TechnoLawgy

The products we use all day, have so much happening at the backend. This space is an attempt to destructure the nuances of tech products. An Engineer and a Lawyer come together to take a dig at the business and workings of these products and explain to a layman on a deeper level.

This newsletter is an attempt to explain the grey area in the startup and business space that we fail to understand. Curated by Rohit Dhingra and Tanisha Sabherwal.

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An engineer and a lawyer taking a dig at the Indian startup space. Explainers on the inner workings of things, discussed over a cup of tea.


Tanisha Sabherwal
Developer by the day, explorer in the night!
Rohit Dhingra
Advocating the fintech space.